Ricera Materiali Settore Abbigliamento e Calzature

Materials Research in Clothing and Footwear Sectors

Ching Long has been operating in Asia for over 20 years, during which we have become a solid and recognized reality, with a deep knowledge of the clothing and footwear sectors. Thanks to our knowledge and professional relationships, we are able to source and select for you the best quality materials and fashion items currently available on the Asian market.

Campionatura e spedizioni in Italia

Sampling and shipping Worldwide

Our mission is to manage the investments of your company here in Asia. We manage the supplying procedures carefully. We receive the samples and the goods you have selected from your suppliers and, after a thorough check, we set up a single shipment according to your needs.

Controllo Qualità e Gestione pagamenti Fornitori

Quality Control and Supplier Management

We grant a worry-free service to our customers. Our priority is to ensure accurate and thorough quality control of the goods and supply processes. Ching Long will manage for you all payments to various suppliers in China in total transparency, directly from our Hong Kong office; some Chinese suppliers require national payments and for this reason we also handle internal payments in China. If you don’t know how to pay a supplier, Ching Long has the solution.

Domiciliazione ad Hong Kong e Cina

Domiciliation Service in Hong Kong and China

Our vast experience in the field has allowed us to gain a deep knowledge of the economic, social and legislative dynamics specific to this part of the world, a know-how that we put entirely at your service. You can also count on Ching Long for domiciliation in both China and Hong Kong. Ching Long provides your company with back-office, an address, as well as a secretary office to answer your phone calls or emails.

Servizio Accompagnamento Mercati e fornitori

Accompaniment Service to Markets and Suppliers

Ching Long can provide qualified personnel who can take you to markets and suppliers. It is not an interpreting service, but professional help and guidance.

Do you have any special request? Let’s talk about this. We are here to help you!

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